Regulated information on the Info-financière website

The Info-financière website ( is an official initiative for central storage of regulated information, as required by the Transparency Directive. It includes all the reference documents for companies listed in Euronext Paris with the information required by the New Economic Regulations Act.
The Official Gazette Directorate (Direction des Journaux officiels) has thereby made financial information available to the public, where it can be consulted, downloaded and printed.

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France’s National Library Archives

France’s National Library initiative is conducted with regard to legal deposit of the Internet introduced in 2006. Instead of having a publisher send the publication, snapshots of websites are harvested by a robot.
CSR targets archives of sustainable development sections of SBF 120 (Paris stock market index) companies when they exist, and if not their related websites devoted to this subject. With this process, all the information on the website is also recorded and able to be consulted subsequently.
France’s National Library archives can be accessed in its reading rooms. Consultations must be justified by academic, professional or personal reasons that require access to National Library research collections.

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Regulated information on the Info-financière website
France’s National Library Archives


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